Scotch-Brite Mini Travel Lint Roller, 6-Pack, 180 Sheets Total – Ideal for Pet Hair Removal

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Stay crisp, clean and immaculately groomed no matter where you are with the Scotch-Brite Mini Travel Lint Roller. This handy mess-free solution ensures a polished appearance, be it at home, office or during travels. Each pack comes with 6 travel-sized lint rollers, perfect for stowing in your car, handbag, suitcase, desk drawer, or coat pocket. Each roller holds 30 easy-tear sheets – a total of 180 sheets per pack! That’s an incredible value for this must-have tool for keeping your clothes tidy and looking great. Whether you have a furry friend at home or wear a lot of dark-colored clothing, the Scotch-Brite Mini Lint Roller is your reliable ally in combating pesky pet hairs and annoying lint. It effortlessly picks up lint, fur, dust and loose threads from your clothing and upholstery. The roller quickly and easily glides over your garment, peeling away unsightly debris to leave you looking sharp. The adhesive surface is super-sticky but clothing-friendly, treating your delicates with care while ensuring maximum pick-up of unwanted particles. The tight perforations between each sheet allow for effortless one-handed tearing, ensuring your other hand is free to hold up your clothing or carry your morning coffee. Travel light without the worry of loose hair or lint with the Scotch-Brite Mini Travel Lint Roller. Grab this pack of 6 lint rollers today and say goodbye to lint and hair-covered clothing. Trust in Scotch-Brite, a renowned brand known for its top-quality cleaning products, for an effective, efficient and always reliable lint-removal solution.


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