GAIN Scented 30 Layer Travel Size LINT Rollers 6 Pack


Keep your clothing, upholstery, and other surfaces free from lint, hair, and dust with GAIN Scented 30 Layer Travel Size LINT Rollers 6 Pack. This pack is specially designed to keep you look sharp and clean all day, everywhere you go. Each lint roller within this pack is made of 30 high quality adhesive sheets that will ensure quick and efficient lint, hair, and dust removal. The layers can easily be peeled off to give you a fresh sheet ready to tackle any dust particles, keeping your surfaces looking pristine at all times. The compact, travel size design makes it ideal for handbags, car glove compartments, office drawers, or suitcase, allowing for immediate use on the go. What sets these lint rollers apart is their unique feature of being infused with the beloved GAIN scent. Not only will your clothes be rid of unsightly and pesky lint, but they will also carry the fresh and clean aroma of GAIN. This offers an additional sensory experience and leaves your clothes with a delectably clean smell whenever you use it. These lint roller’s contemporary design and easy-grip handle offer you optimal comfort and control while using the product. This pack comes with a total of six rollers, providing an ample supply to last you through many uses. Experience the power of effective cleaning combined with the refreshing scent of GAIN with our GAIN Scented 30 Layer Travel Size LINT Rollers 6 Pack. Keeping you free from lint has never been easy and refreshing before!


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