Crest Pro-Health Mutli-Protection Oral Rinse, Clean Mint, Travel Size TSA Approved, 1.22 Oz (Pack of 24)


Enhance your oral care routine with this pack of 24 bottles of Crest’s Pro-Health Multi-Protection Oral Rinse in a refreshing Clean Mint flavor. This compact travel-size mouthwash is perfect for on-the-go use and is TSA-approved, making it super-convenient for air travel. Each 1.22 Oz bottle provides a powerful clean that helps to protect your mouth between brushings. The advanced formula tackles plaque-causing bacteria, aids in prevention of tooth decay, and helps to maintain gum health. Indulge in the invigorating burst of Clean Mint that leaves your mouth feeling fresh and your breath revitalized. The minty cool sensation lets you know that the rinse is working to protect your oral health. Take this Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection Oral Rinse wherever you go, and experience an elevated oral care session anytime! With its anti-cavity fluoride formula, it is a champion at killing germs, optimizing your oral hygiene routine. From the #1 dentist recommended brand, Crest offers you ultimate protection with a burst of freshness. This wholesale pack of 24 miniatures provides an ample supply for travel or distribution in guest bathrooms, motels, gyms, and offices. Keep one in your purse, gym bag, car, or desk drawer for an immediate breath refreshment and protection anywhere, anytime. Product Features: – Pack of 24 bottles, each of 1.22 Oz size – TSA-approved, travel size – Refreshing Clean Mint flavor – Provides protection against plaque-causing bacteria – Aids in preventing tooth decay – Antibacterial properties to maintain gum health – From Crest, the #1 dentist-recommended brand – Ideal for travel or individual use in offices, gyms, or guest washrooms – Contains fluoride for anti-cavity protection – Leaves your breath minty fresh – Suited for usage in between brushings Experience the confidence that comes with a clean, healthy mouth with Crest Pro-Health Mutli-Protection Oral Rinse. With 24 travel size bottles, you’ll never find yourself without the brands and protection you love and trust. Shop today and transform your oral care routine now!


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